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If your child is having issues with their Chromebook, please contact the front office at 702-799-7040.

If you are in need of a hotspot, please contact these numbers:

Family Support Center: 888-616-2476

TMobile Tech Support: 844-341-4834


More Information

All Clark County Schools are temporarily closed; students will participate in online distance learning until further notice.

If your child is in need of a Chromebook, access to Internet, or other educational resources, please contact our front office.

If you have an emergency, please contact CCSD School Police at

702-799-7830, SafeVoice 833-216-7233, or local authorities at 911

To contact your child's teacher, please find their name under their grade level.


Important Registration Information! Please click, print/complete, and return to the front office!



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Upcoming Dates

5/6/21 - Panda Express Fundraiser


5/26/21 - Last Day of School


Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year! Please view the links above for educational and COVID-19 Resources. 

The Clark County School District will provide free breakfast/lunch meals and academic materials. To find a distribution site, please

click here.


Parent/Guardian Training for Canvas

FACES and the ELL Division, in collaboration with other District and community partners, will provide academic, technical, and social-emotional parent/guardian modules through the University of Family Learning (UFL) Online. The following links provide resources for school staff: 

Parent/guardian modules/videos currently available and in production https://bit.ly/ParentVideosInfoForPrincipals 

  • Additional information for schools on distance education support for families, including resources for supporting families with ELLs https://bit.ly/ParentTrainingInfoForSchools

  • Parent/guardian modules are available directly for parents/guardians and families through scheduled live/interactive virtual sessions and pre-recorded content/videos accessible at any time on the FACES Website. https://bit.ly/facesuflonline

  • If you have any suggestions for future modules, please email faces@nv.ccsd.net