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Ms. Manns

School Counselor

Phone: 702-799-7040 ext. 4301

E-mail: mannsce@nv.ccsd.net

*Please allow 24 hours for a response*

Hello! My name is Ms. Manns and I am happy to be your school counselor this school year! This is my third year at Watson and my 8th year in the Clark County School District. At the elementary level, my role is to assist the needs of students with personal, social, emotional, and academic skills, as well with career exploration. I do this through monthly classroom lessons, small group counseling, and short-term individual counseling at the school level.  My role is to serve as a liaison to resources to all members of our school community and I’m grateful for the opportunity!

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Ms. Foster

School Social Worker

Phone: 702-799-7040 ext. 4351

*Please allow 24 hours for a response*

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