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Mr. Cosby

Wife = Mrs. Cosby

Wife + Me = 1 son (24) 1 daughter (22)

Been teaching since 2001. 10 years @ ccsd

Wife + me + 2 kids = 1 dog (Yorkie 12 years old)

Favorite sport = Formula 1 

Favorite team = Ferrari

Favorite Sports person ever = Ayrton Senna

Favorite Holiday = Christmas

Lived in Las Vegas 10 years

Lived in South Korea 12 years

Army 90-93 Airborne Infantry (Stationed Ft. Richardson Alaska)

Hobby = 3d Art and Animation

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Mr. Jones

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Ms. Fulton

I am very excited to be teaching at Watson Elementary. This will be my 18th year in CCSD. I have taught K-5, science, Computer Science, and Literacy.  I have had experience in coding, word-processing, graphic design, merchandising and waitressing. I am the mother of 5 grown children, grandma of 8, and have been married for 34 years. I love teaching, art, technology, gaming and the ocean. . I can’t wait to meet all of you!

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