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For Our Veteran & Military Families

Our Battle Born state of Nevada is a member of The Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3). The MIC3 provides assistance in transitioning students and provides consistency for military affiliated students as they transfer between school districts and member states. For information regarding the MIC3 Family Guide for Families and Schools, click here

The average military family can move 6-9 times from Kindergarten to grade 12. According to the NV Department of Education, 11,000 students are military connected and 6,756 belong to the Clark County School District. Located nearly 7 miles from Nellis Air Force Base, Fredric W. Watson Elementary School has implemented a team consisting of lead staff members, the school counselor, and the school social worker to provide support to our military connected students as they transition to a new school. At Watson ES, all students are given opportunities to practice their leadership skills reach new academic achievements. 

Helpful Links:

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