Ms. Morris

Hello, my name is Ms. Morris. I’ve worked at Watson since October, 2019 and I work as a Substitute as well as working closely with students that need a little extra assistance. I’m very excited to see all the kiddos again this year, even through the computer screen and hopefully in person again soon. 


Also, this is my Hawaii born, rescue pup. His name is Chester!



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Ms. Dumlao

Hi friends! My name is Ms. Dumlao. This is my second year at Watson. I help offer support for our teachers and students when needed. I have a Bachelors in Business with a background in banking, but I look forward to transitioning into Education. 

I enjoy camping, visiting new places, and a good board game with my family. 

I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces this coming school year!




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Mr. Jones

Hello everyone, My name is Mr.Jones. I’m excited to work with everyone this. I am a long term substitute for 5th grade as well as a CTT. I have a website that will give me more information about me, important details regrading the year and what our journey will look like this year.







Mr. Wells

Hi Everyone!  My name is Mr. Wells.  I have a degree in Film from UNLV and over 25 years of video production experience including making visuals for numerous resorts on the Las Vegas Strip.  This will be my third year at Watson Elementary.   I have done many things for the school over this time period including:  subbed for every grade level, been a CTT, taught an after school screenwriting class for aspiring 5th Grade FilmMakers and last year took over as the Coach (both live and virtual when we had to shift to distance learning).  Now I am teaching Art and Humanities.  We will be learning a combination of geography, history, civics and journalism all tied together in a media arts class that will get your children ready for the future today.


Ms. Janis

Ms. Manuela

Mr. Keith

Mr. Aston

Ms. Tamara

Mr. Pedro

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