• Watson ES

9/22/20 SOT Minutes

Frederic Watson ES

Virtual SOT Meeting

September 22, 2020

Meeting was called to order @ 3:40 pm by Secretary Melissa Castellano

1.0 Roll Call - Attendees were: Melissa Castellano, Silvia Silva, Dori Lombardi, Kristi Gines, Deborah Beccar, Shawn Nielsen, Dan Davis

2.0 Minutes - Review of the meetings from August 26th meeting. Motion to approve the minutes by Mrs. Lombardi, motion seconded by Silvia Silva, approved unanimously


  • New budget details to discussed during next agenda item

  • Parent and staff input to be discussed in next agenda item


  • 4.1 School Budget Update 2020-2021

  • Enrollment is slightly lower

  • State cut just under $100 per student in funding

  • Overall in good shape with current budget, carryover and attrition money

  • Able to keep RBG3 and strategist position

  • Would like to hire a FT licensed Social Worker to help support students

  • May need to add a 2nd grade teacher and another 5th grade teacher

  • Also would like to increase in SPED facilitator hours

  • 4.2 Distance Learning Update

  • Overall feeling of distance learning becoming smoother as the days continue, teachers are doing an excellent job handling parent concerns, and tech issues

  • Parents have mostly been super supportive

  • Google has made some improvements which has helped

4.0 Public Speaking Period – No one signed up for public speaking

5.0 End of Meeting - Motion to adjourn by Dori Lombardi, seconded by Kristi Gines. All in favor, meeting dismissed at 4:29 pm.


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