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SOT Meeting Minutes 1/20/21

Frederic Watson ES

Virtual SOT Meeting

January 20, 2021

Meeting was called to order @ 3:54 pm

1.0 Roll Call - Attendees were: Melissa Castellano, Silvia Silva, Michelle Holloway, Leana Black, Chelsea Steele, Shawn Nielsen

2.0 Minutes - Review of the meetings from December 16th meeting. Motion to approve the minutes by Melissa Castellano motion seconded by Leana Black, approved unanimously.


· 3.1 School Budget Update

o Budget was released in old system (unable to make staffing adjustments at this time), 1/27 budget should be fully released in new system for planning.

o Federal monies: not guaranteed but fairly confident that budget cuts (RBG3 etc) will saved by CARES ACT, hopefully no per pupil cuts, also hopeful that rollover and attrition money will stay at the school.

o However still many unknowns regarding the budget, waiting for more information.

· 3.2 Staffing Update

o Licensed Social Works – recommended for hire

o Teachers from the Philippines update – in town, awaiting fingerprints, hoping to start ASAP

o Need to recruit, would really like a licensed art teacher

5.0 Public Speaking Period – No one signed up for public speaking

6.0 End of Meeting – Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday February 3rd, regarding the new 2021-2022 budget.

Virtual meeting invites to be sent out by Mr. Nielsen

Motion to adjourn by Michelle Holloway, seconded by Silvia Silva. All in favor, meeting dismissed at 4:27 pm.


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