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SOT Meeting Minutes 3/3/21

Frederic Watson ES

Virtual SOT Meeting

March 3, 2021

Meeting was called to order @ 3:43 pm

1.0 Roll Call - Attendees were: Melissa Castellano, Salena Brooks, Leana Black, Chelsea Steele, Michelle Holloway, Shawn Nielsen, Daniel Davis, Silvia Silva.

2.0 Minutes - Review of the meetings from February 3rd meeting. Motion to approve the minutes by Leana Black, motion seconded by Melissa Castellano, minutes approved unanimously.


o 3.1 School Budget Update

o Budget was submitted as discussed in the last meeting

o Plan to purchase a comprehensive reading program

o District should be providing math program

o Budgeted for SW, still waiting to hire

o Potentially need a phonics program

o 3.2 Distance Learning Update

o Cohort A went well! Approx. 85 kids, Cohort B starts tomorrow approx. 95 kids.

o School Performance plan. GOALS: close the gaps, increase proficiency. PLAN: new reading program, new math program (district provided) continued PD, CTTs for small group intervention, Parent engagement/info meetings (quarterly)

o April 6th begins in person 5 days a week

o 3.3 Staffing

o New J1 teachers began end of February and plan to continue in the 21-22 school year.

o Ratios for next year:

Kinder - 5 teachers

1st - 6 teachers

2nd- 6 teachers

3rd - 5 teachers

4th – 4 teachers

5th – 4 teachers

o Current Openings:

1st grade – 1 teacher

5th grade – 1 teacher

Humanities (art/etc)

5.0 Public Speaking Period – No one signed up for public speaking

6.0 End of Meeting – Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday April 21st @ 3:40 pm

Virtual meeting invites to be sent out by Mr. Nielsen

Motion to adjourn by Melissa Castellano, seconded by Chelsea Steele. All in favor, meeting dismissed at 4:23 pm.


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