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SOT Minutes 1/15/20

Frederic Watson ES

SOT Meeting

January 15th 2020

Attendees were: Mr. Nielsen, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Lombardi, Ms. Beccar, Kristi Gines, Melissa Castellano, Amanda Lutzke, and Silvia Silva

Meeting was called to order @ 3:46 pm by Chair Amanda Lutzke.

Review of the meetings from December meeting. Motion to approve the minutes by Melissa Castellano, motion seconded by Mrs. Lombardi, approved unanimously.



January: 28th – Family Night @ Texas Road House.

February: 6th – STEAM night

January 29th – 1st semester awards

VALENTINES GRAMS – Fundraiser for literacy – Ms. Beccar

March: Literacy Week is March 16-20, 19th will be literacy night and start of the spring book fair.

April: Spring Carnival – DATE TBD

Budget Updates – Mr. Nielsen

The district has updated the budget planning system. Admins still learning all the new information, layout, etc.

SB71 Funds= $174,000

Title 1 Funds= $233,000

RBG3 Funds= $89,000 (funding for 1 strategist)

CSR Funds= $725,000

Next meeting will focus more on budget with emphasis on funding allocations.

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday January 29th @ 3:45 pm

Motion to adjourn by Amanda Lutzke, seconded by Dori Lombardi. Meeting dismissed at 4:31 pm.


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